Workplace Safety Tips

Safety in the workplace is an underestimated and often overlooked aspect. There have been many incidents where a faulty wire, or an undetected fire, caused fatalities in office buildings. Safety standards are not restricted to electrical safety alone. Office buildings need to design their working environments to reduce occupational hazards. The following are some pertinent workplace safety tips.

Exposure to asbestos

In factories, workers face the risks of being exposed to asbestos fibers. Asbestos fibers can cause asbestos-related illnesses. A common disease related to asbestos exposure is mesothelioma. It is imperative on the part of the employer that they provide a working environment that has no asbestos. Employers need to take the initiative to understand if asbestos is being or has been used.

Fire Exits

Workplaces should have fire exists that are easily accessible. This is a part of the overall design of the building. If there is no fire exit, then there should at least be a stairway that leads out to the open in short distance. A large building without fire exits is eligible for being penalized by the relevant authorities.

Electrical installations

No electrical installation should be left uncovered. Employers need to ensure that periodic maintenance is done on all electrical installations in the building. An open electrical installation can risk people from being electrocuted. Employers also need to check the quality of the electrical wiring that connect computers and workstations in employee cabins.

Safety drills

As part of the induction process and also as a periodic activity, all employees need to undergo a safety drill. Safety drills enable people to understand the use of fire extinguishers, and how to act during an emergency.

Fall-down pads

Some tall buildings have emergency fall-down air-pads. These are air-filled bags inflated when there is an emergency, and placed at the sides of buildings. During a situation when all fire exits and stairways are clogged with smoke and fires, the people inside have no option than to jump out. In such a situation, the fall-down pads help cushion the fall, and save the lives of people. It is the onus of the employer to give such trainings to employees.

Air-conditioning systems

Malfunctioning air conditioning systems cause the spread of air-borne diseases. Employees will fall prey to the quality of recycled air in the room. It is important to install air conditioners with a good micron rating.

Quality of water supply

Employees should be provided clean drinking water. They should also have clean toilets and toilet water.



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