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The quality of a product is determined or verified using a process-driven approach known as quality assurance. The goal of conducting quality assurance is to ensure that a product meets customer expectations and standards issued by QA-governing bodies, such as the ISO and GMP.

Quality assurance was first used in WWII when munitions were inspected and tested to eliminate quality products from defective ones. The emphasis of today’s quality assurance systems remains the same: to ensure that the final product is free of defect. 

4 Quality Assurance Steps  

Quality assurance involves the devising and implementation of systems for carrying out steps that ensure product quality. A typical quality assurance system follows 4-step cycle: one, establish the processes, procedures, or policies needed to achieve the desired results; two, implement the plan; three, monitor and test the results relative to the pre-determined objectives to assess the effectiveness of the implemented processes; four, if the processes do not help meet target, make necessary changes for improvement. 

Having a quality assurance system is found to boost a company’s credibility and customer confidence in their product. It also enhances a company’s efficiency work processes, allowing it to produce better, more competitive results. Quality assurance is applicable not only to products. Services and non-production jobs such as management and office administration also benefit from a quality assurance system.


Workplace Safety Tips

Safety in the workplace is an underestimated and often overlooked aspect. There have been many incidents where a faulty wire, or an undetected fire, caused fatalities in office buildings. Safety standards are not restricted to electrical safety alone. Office buildings need to design their working environments to reduce occupational hazards. The following are some pertinent workplace safety tips...


5 Steps in the Quality Assurance Process

Quality assurance is an important activity in any organization. The way quality assurance is done varies by company. Implementing quality control processes is beneficial for the organization in the long run. Steps involved in the quality assurance process 1) Project definition The project manager identifies a team of people who can perform quality related tasks. A quality control team is better...


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